PhD Candidates

Download the Call for Application here

The focus of BISS is at applying behavioural insights to intervention design. We will work in the area of vaccination and will develop several interventions to increase vaccine uptake. In BISS, PhD students and vaccination program managers from WHO member states will work and learn together.

We invite doctoral students from psychology, communication, public health or related areas to apply. Particularly we would like to encourage students from Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Montenegro and Turkey to apply – but applications from all WHO/Euro region countries are very welcome as well.

Experience or a dissertation project in the area of prevention or infectious diseases is not necessary, but helpful.

During BISS, for each PhD student there will be the chance for a consultation to discuss his or her doctoral thesis and related questions with one of the teachers. Additionally, BISS will deliver state of the art research and intervention approaches. Participants will have the chance to build a network with global professionals and other PhD students from the WHO European region.

What can you expect as a PhD Candidate?

  • Gain more knowledge on research in behavioural insights with a special focus on preventing infectious diseases
  • Apply knowledge and bring it to the field setting of health interventions
  • Learn about the challenges of bringing ideas from the lab to the field by first-hand experience of highly skilled field professionals
  • Present your PhD project to one of our teachers in a consultation session and receive constructive and inspiring feedback
  • Build global professional networks
  • Gain insight in possible occupational areas

Application & Requirements

All PhD Candidates and academics with research interest in the area of applying behavioural sciences to health-related topics are invited to apply for BISS.

Please email the following information as one file (PDF) to

  • First and last name
  • Degree
  • Occupation, institution
  • Contact information (street, house number, post code, city, country, telephone number, email address)
  • Abstract (max. 2.000 characters including blanks, language: English) describing your research interest including the current status of your PhD project
  • Motivation for participating (max. 2.000 characters including blanks, language: English)

Application deadline: 30 June 2019

Preparation in advance:

  • Every PhD participant will prepare a very short introduction to their PhD project to present it to the teacher and a fellow student in the consulting session (Poster or PowerPoint presentation; no more than 7-minutes)
  • Before BISS selected PhD participants will receive the bios of the teachers to select the teacher they wish to have a consultation with.
  • There will be literature for preparation of the workshops provided in advance.