Program Managers

What can you expect as a Program Manager?

  • Understand the value of behavioral insights for your vaccination programme
  • Gain knowledge about
    • How do we understand human behaviour?
    • What do we know about behaviour and how to change it?
    • How can we gain behavioural insights in our country?
    • How do we create and measure behavioural change?
  • Learn how to take the public’s perception into account, how to listen
  • Learn how to use behavioural insights before planning an intervention
  • Apply knowledge and bring it to a field setting
  • Exchange experiences specific to your country and to certain target groups with fellow field professionals and researchers
  • Discuss experiences and ideas with fellow field professionals and researchers
  • Build professional networks


Participation is possible upon invitation by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Ms Katrine Bach Habersaat, Technical Officer, Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization Programme is responsible for the technical implementation of this event on the part of the WHO.

For administrative requests (e.g. accomondation), please refer to Mr Theo Michalas, Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization Programme.