What is it about?

The disciplines psychology and behavioural economics put great effort in researching mechanisms and determinants that influence choices in decision-making. Behavioural Insights describe the effort to apply scientific findings into the field of public practice and policy making. BISS deals with how to apply Behavioural Insights in the area of immunization.

For whom?

BISS is designed to bring together participants from European countries with different professional backgrounds:

  • PhD Candidates in the area of psychology, communication science and behavioural economics who wish to gain further insight in behaviour change and intervention planning
  • National immunization programme managers and staff from the regional WHO offices for Europe, who want to learn about behavioural mechanisms and determinants

Who will be teaching?

Soon, we can present the experienced research professionals that will support BISS in 2019.

If you are interested in learning more about the WHO Tailoring Immunization Programmes (TIP) approach, you can read the latest article in Vaccine about the TIP framework and first experiences in applying in four European countries. Another article presents a detailed case study.

Please note that the working language of this Summer School is English.