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Bringing it from Word to Wiki

Hi Peggy (& John)! here the main challenges I see. Most of it will have to be done with word macros that change word formatting into wiki syntax. Wikis can read html but they also have a simplified wiki syntax.

Best practical way is: use Greta's account to create pages (the software will fix author attributions accordingly). I can, wherever I see these pages think about better problem solutions. Communication will be best handled on this page (I put it on my watchlist, so that I am informed about all questions you raise on this page.

Now the individual topics:

Splitting the text into sections

I think we should try it with the six blocks you have (if I remember the structure correctly). Wikis can normally handle a 40 or 50 page text...

The following page should offer the table of contents Projekt:Sich begnügen, im Geheimen für das Gute zu wirken. Each headline would become a link into the individual page. It might be good to start all the pages we create with "Projekt:", so that we do not mix these pages with document-pages or biographical pages within this wiki.


We need a kind of macro that goes through the word text and that transforms the more than 600 footnotes into tagged text. This is how a footnote is created: You use this tag <ref> to begin the note and the corresponding closing tag </ref> to end it. The wiki software transforms the tags into a footnotes and gives successive numbers and links as needed. (Yoou need a <references/> section at the end of the page to open the footnote section). Sounds complicated. Press edit and see this example:

Example text[1]


If you go into the editing mode you see how these are done (let me know if you need more formatting - you can always use html-tags to get it):

  • Italics
  • Bold


A link is created with two square brackets (and closed with two such brackets) as in this example (see again the editing mode)

Here a sentence with a link to Johann Friedrich Christian Rudorff.

We can also set links to Ordensnamen like Cassiodor - sooner or later they will all lead to the respective biographical pages Hermann is creating.

Your dissertation is friendly here since you already have all the Ordnesnamen in { brackets which we should simply change into [[ brackets.

Just let me know

Just let me know where you see problems - rather here on this page than in e-mails because it is easier to solve these problems here on page...

Ah yes: The Wikipedia help section is applicable in our wiki and my source of wisdom. --Olaf Simons (talk) 11:42, 10 October 2014 (CEST)


  1. Footnote text.