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Table of Contents


A Note on Sources

Preparatory Essay: A General Idea of the Society of the Illuminati

I. Minerval Class

1. Noviciate - Obligation. Letter of a Candidate, Instructions for the Insinuati, or Recepti, Instructio pro insinuantibus seu recipientibus, General Statutes of the Order, An Easy Cipher for Ready Use

2. Minerval Degree - Statutes for the Minervals, Initiation Ceremonies, Form for an Initiation Minutes for Absent, Adult Candidates, Who Would Object to Being Initiated in the Same Manner as Very Young Men, Introduction Ceremonies, Statutes and Ceremonies for the Minerval Assemblies, Calendarium, Correct Pronunciation and Spelling of the Persian Months of Our Calendar

3. Minervalis illuminatus, or Illuminatus minor - Instructions for the Superior of the Minerval Church Concerning the Issuing of this Degree, Addendum A. Address During the Initiation of an Illuminatus minor, Addendum B. Instructions for a Better Understanding of the Order’s Organisation, Addendum C. Instructions for the Education of Useful Collaborators, Addendum D. A Lesson the Illuminati minores Receive in Writing, Addendum E. Explanation of the Minerval Allegories

4. Initiation of a Magistrate of the Minerval Church - Ceremonies for the Initiation of a Magistrate, Instructions for the Minerval Magistracy, Instructio pro Superiori, De officio Censoris, De officio Quaestoris, De officio Secretarii

II. Freemasonic Class

A) Symbolic Freemasonry

I. Ritual Book for the Three Symbolic Degrees - Introduction

1. Ritual for the Entered Apprentice Lodge - Before the Lodge is Opened, Opening of the Lodge, Initiation into the Entered Apprentice Degree Catechism, Questions One Can Ask a Brother Entering the Lodge, Closing a Lodge, On Table Lodges, Ritual for the Consecration of a New Lodge, Ritual for the Excommunication of a Brother, Ritual for the Table Lodges, if Sisters Are Present

2. Fellow Craft Degree - Ritual for the Fellow Craft Lodge - Before the Lodge is Opened, Opening of the Lodge, Initiation into the Fellow Craft Degree, Catechism of the Fellow Crafts, Closing the Fellow Craft Lodge, Secret Cipher of the Freemasons

3. Ritual for the Master Lodge - Opening the Master Lodge, Initiation of the Master, Closing the Master Lodge

II. Improved Constitution Book for the St. John’s Lodge

A) General Constitutional Articles - Introduction, I. Character and Qualities of a True Mason II. Public Conduct, III. Information about Other Institutions

B) Statutes for this Particular Lodge

C) Particular Articles of Instruction - I. Instructions for the Officers Lodge, II. Special Instructions for the Worshipful Masters, III. For the Deputy W. M., IV. For the Senior Warden, V. The Junior Warden, VI. The Secretary, VII. The Treasurer, VIII. The Master of Ceremonies, IX. The Almoner, X. The Housekeeper, XI. The Orator, XII. The Stewards, XIII. The Sick Visitor, XIV. The Decorator, XV. The Librarian, XVI. Information about the Serving Brethren, Addendum A. Report about the State of the Lodge

B) Scottish Freemasonry

I. Scottish Novice - Introduction, I. Opening the Lodge of the Scottish Brethren, II. Catechism of the Scottish Brethren, III. Closing the Scottish Brethren Lodge, IV. Information About the Working Lodges, V. Lodge Ritual for the Initiation to this Degree, Addendum A. Secret Instructions for those Tasked with Recruiting, New Members to the Order, Addendum B. Questions Used for Assessing the Character of a Candidate, for this Degree, Addendum C. Nosce te ipsum!

II. Illuminatus dirigens - Introduction, I. Further Information and General Instructions, II. Instructions Concerning the Lower Classes, III. Instructions Concerning the Freemason Lodge, IV. On the Reception into this Degree, V. Of the Solemn Chapters for Initiation, VI. Opening the Chapter VII. Initiation Ritual, VIII. Closing the Chapter, IX. Of the Love-Feasts or Agapes, X. Ceremonies during the Consecration of a Chapter, Addendum A. Form for the Lodge Constitution, Addendum B. The Prefect’s Order Star, Addendum C. The Knights’ St. Andrew’s Cross, Addendum D. Secret Cipher of the Scottish Knights, Addendum E. Explanation of the Masonic Hieroglyphs, Addendum F. Catechism of the Scottish Knights

III. Mysteries Class

A) Lesser Mysteries

I. Lesser Priest Degree. Presbyter - Introduction, Further Information Concerning the Acceptance to this Degree, Ritual for Continued Initiation, Addendum A. Instruction in the First Chamber, Addendum B. Instructions for the First Degree of the Priest Class, Addendum C. On the Initiation of a Decanus

II. Lesser Regent Degree. Princeps - Notification to the Provincial Superior Regarding the Issuance of this Degree, Initiation Ritual, Addendum A. Administrative System for the Entire Order, Addendum B. Instructions for the Entire Regent Degree, Addendum C. Instructions for the Prefects, or Local Superiors, Addendum D. Instructions for the Provincial Superiors

B) Higher Mysteries

I. Docetists

II. Philosophi. Sages

IV. Appendix A School for Humanity

Some Early Documents - Statutes of the Illuminati, Reform of the Statutes of the 1st Class, Guiding Idea, Instructio pro Recipientibus, Instructio Insinuatorum, Instructions for Those Who Have Received the Facultas insinuandi, 24 Points Designed to Be Presented as Questions to New Candidates

General Explanation of the Society of the Illuminati (alternative beginning)

Supplement to the Illum. min. for the Better Instruction of the Superior

Preparation for Those Who Are to Participate in Governing the Order

Footnotes to a Revised Presbyter Degree

Instructions for the National Inspectors