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  • Das Dokument ist zweigeteilt und scheint zwei Reprochen zu enthalten. Die zweite ist in Latein verfasst.

Summary and Transcript

The shield of our Ordre
a Prayer in the Goddes of Fame

Great Idol of Mankind! We neither claim
The praise of merit, nor aspire to fame!
But safe in deserts from th' applause of men,
Would die unheard of, as we lived unseen.
'tis all we bey thee, to conceal from sight
Those acts of goodnes which themselves requite.
Olet us still the Secret joy partake,
To follow virtue e'en for virtue's sake!

Self-Love and Reason to one end aspire
Pain their aversion, Pleasure their desire;
But greedy that, its object would devour
This taste the Honey, and not wound the flour:
Pleasure, or wrong or rightly understood,
Our greatest evil, or our greatest good.