About Max Weber

Max Weber was born on April 21, 1864 in Erfurt, Germany. After studying jurisprudence, national economy, and history at the Universities of Heidelberg, Strassbourg, Berlin and Göttingen, he passed the first state examination in law. During his judicial clerkship in Berlin he obtained his doctoral degree in law. Later he completed his Habilitation in Roman private and public law and trade law, after which he secured a position as Professor for German law and trade law at the University of Berlin. In 1894 Weber was appointed Professor for national economy and finance at the University of Freiburg and three years later he was given tenure as Professor of finance at the University of Heidelberg, where he succeeded Karl Knies. In 1903 Weber was forced to retire from teaching due to his poor health. He continued to live in Heidelberg as an independent scholar until taking Lujo Bretano’s position at the University of Munich in 1919, following a one semester teaching position at the University of Vienna. Max Weber died on June 14, 1920 in Munich.

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