Anders Moe Rasmussen presents a working paper on ‚Modernism as Nihilsm. Nihilism in Jacobi, Fichte and Kierkegaard Existential Thought Reconsidered. German Idealism as Existentialism‘

The project intends to pursue F.H. Jacobi´s “double philosophy”, his distinction between two radically different ways of thinking, one representing rationalism and idealism, in terms of nihilism, and the other his own realistic alternative, called “Glauben”, into post-Kantian philosophy. More specifically the project aims at uncovering the impact of Jacobi´s thinking on the philosophy of the later Fichte as well as on the thinking of Søren Kierkegaard. The essential claim of the project is that both Fichte´s later philosophy and

Kierkegaard´s thinking is to be interpreted as responses to a nihilistic worldview, as different qualifications of Jacobi´s notion of “Glauben”

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