Felipe Torres Navarro is going to present a working paper on ‚Technologies of Time‘

“Technologies are artificial, but… artificiality is natural to human beings. Technology, properly interiorized, does not degrade human life but on the contrary enhances it.” (Ong 2002:81) Following the same spirit that encourages all our research, we will address in this section the question, ‘How is time produced?’ in order to explore the new experiences and concepts of time generated by the interaction with digital technology. A virtual dimension that encompasses several spaces at the same time has overtaken space; the users are localized and reterritorialized by the technology in a temporal frame of simultaneity. Meanwhile, the expansion of the network transforms temporality, as a condensed flow, into an ever-expanding network and a unity of connected yet geographically dispersed movements in the present. Electronic communication has made it possible for simultaneous experiences. This has awakened not only economic interest in products and the sale of mass technologies, but also awareness of its potential political power.