Martin Fuchs presents a working paper on ‚Reciprocal Recognition: Claims of Universality and Ontological Assumptions. A Comparative Sociological Reflection‘

The paper intends to elicit the suitability of the recognition theorem for social and societal analyses (Sozial- und Gesellschaftsanalysen), different from eliciting its usefulness in socio-philosophical discussions. Regarding the question of normativity, the goal is to clarify whether, and if so how, critique of social conditions of humiliation, disrespect, etc. can here find the conceptual anchor suggested. The approach is a twofold one: a systematic reconstruction of core aspects of the concept of recognition and of parts of the debate on recognition, with regard especially to weak points regarding its application in social analysis, and, secondly, a systematic introduction of empirical problems of humiliation and degradation, tracing basic questions that arise during historical processes. The paper raises questions and suggests some answers. The paper attempts helping clarify the relevance of the recognition theorem or postulate for social analysis and social theory.