Martin Repohl gives a working paper on ‚The relationship quality of the material world – perspectives of a worldrelationship sociological approach for the analysis of materiality‘

The aim of my dissertation project is to formulate a consistent world
relationship sociological terminology for analyzing materiality under the
aspect of relationship quality. The premise is that material entities are
parts of social relationships and have an influence on the dynamic and
quality of the concrete relationship by their own material constitution.
The question of materiality is a key problem of sociological research and
is addressed in many different ways. But the aspect of relationship
quality only appears in an implicit way. The sociology of world
relationship provides a new perspective on that aspect, but has no clear
concept for describing materiality by its own terms. The inclusion of a
phenomenological approach to materiality offers a solution for that
conceptual lack, because this perspective describes the self activity of
material entities. An inclusion into the terminology for world relationship
sociology opens the perspective for the transformative part of material
entities in the dynamic of relationships. It’s planned to make empirical
case studies on specific material entities (for example plastic particles,
toxins or wood) to describe its influence on world relationship in an
exemplary way. These case studies will be used to develop a valid and
applicable concept for analyzing materiality under the aspect of
relationship quality.