Marcus Döller presents a working paper on ‚Freedom as Resistance – Two Forms of Non-Participation‘

n the paper Freedom as Resistance I am going to argue, that the form of normativity is its immediacy. In a reading of the Geist chapter in the Phenomenology of Spirit I develop the conception of immediacy with regard to the structure of social normativity. In a first step I am going to show why there is a necessary split in the social within the greek ethical sphere. (I) In the second step I argue that Antigone is the name for a resistant subjectivity, which cannot be integrated within the social sphere, but is a product of the social reproduction in its very form. Here I compare two sophisticated actualisations by Judith Butler and Slavoj Zizek in order to develop my own approach to a theory of subjectivation. (II) In a last step I am going to explain why radical resistance takes place internal to the form of the subject and how this is related to the form of the judgement in realising an internal suspension. (III)

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